“Those of us who never met Ernie Kuck in real life missed a lot. But Marilyn Ericksen has brought him to life. Part biography and part regional history, this engaging story of one man’s complicated life is filled with stories that ought not be forgotten by any of us who love The Dalles, the Columbia River area or the West. Thank goodness Marilyn preserved these stories. I’ll keep this book as a great reference for how to capture a distinctive man who loved cattle, cameras, locks and life. Oh, and making money ‘by accident’ that he then generously gave away. Remembering Ernie Kuck is a great read, good for the soul!”
Jane Kirkpatrick, award-winning author of A Sweetness to the Soul.

“Publicity-shy philanthropist Ernie Kuck was quick to help others, always with the admonition, “Now don’t tell anyone.” Fortunately, Marilyn Ericksen has now told everyone about the quiet man who surprised everyone when he left $9 million to finance the Wasco County Historical Museum. Her biography is a valuable piece of scholarship, engagingly told, a fitting legacy for a modest man with an oversize heart.”
Rodger Nichols,  Award-winning journalist for The Dalles Chronicle and Haystack Broadcasting

“Remembering Ernie Kuck is the story of a community as well as the solitary yet influential man who, in his own quiet way, made The Dalles a better place through hard work and savvy investments. Ernie Kuck’s wealth was not just in money – which he acquired methodically and also, as he put it, “accidentally.” Mr. Kuck’s true wealth was in how he chose to use it, from helping young people start their own businesses (“Don’t tell anybody,” he’d caution) to making the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Wasco County Historical Museum a reality. This book is a must-read for anyone who wonders whether one person can truly make a difference. Yes, one person can make a difference, and Ernie Kuck proved the point.”
Dan Spatz, Former Editor, The Dalles Chronicle

“Excellent – superb – real life – How else can I describe this outstanding historical biography of Ernie Kuck. I sat spell bound reading all of it in one day! Marilyn Ericksen and her daughter Irene Hill did a marvelous job of research in recounting the times and life of this man.
John Lundell, Wasco County Historical Museum Board Member, author Governmental History of Wasco County Oregon

“Remembering Ernie Kuck
is a wonderful personal collage of Columbia Gorge history. Growing up as a kid in this region, I always wanted to know more about the man behind the cattle drives through The Dalles. This book took me there through first hand stories of a man’s journey from his childhood, survival in war, to the passion for the Columbia Gorge region … and the beauty that is around us every day.  What a wonderful historic tapestry of a bygone era … yet a part of each of us that live in this region.”
Frank K. Toda, President, Columbia Gorge Community College

“We are admonished to never judge a book by its cover, and it certainly could have been written about Ernie Kuck. We’ve all know someone, hopefully a close relative, that spoke little with words but volumes by their actions. People who didn’t brag about their exploits. People whose word was their sacred bond. Ernie Kuck was that man. This excellent read defines just how he became that man and later the chief benefactor for the Wasco County Historical Museum. Once you’ve read his story, you will better appreciate the backgrounds of others with an understanding of people who put others first. It will explain why your reputation, your integrity, even in small things, is important. This can be read as the life story of Ernie Kuck or for the greater historical aspect of those pioneers who shaped and built Wasco County.“
Sandy Macnab, County Extension Agent and Professor, Oregon State University

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